How It Works

Turn the pages to create your own unique combination of Character, Location and Scenario.

In the below example, you can start a story about a pirate at a playground who is lost.
The book includes prompts that can help you if you get stuck.


Interesting and entertaining characters like this laughing pirate will take you on a great adventure


Locations like this park are familiar and relatable, making the perfect place to start a story


Fun scenarios like getting lost, will provide interesting plot lines to start your bedtime story

Try It Out

Click and drag to swipe between a combination of Characters + Locations +Scenarios to see what fabulous story you can come up with

About the Author

When Mark Cunich’s first child was born, he became a stay-at-home dad with aspirations of telling imaginative bedtime stories. However, he quickly realized that his newfound levels of exhaustion were restricting his creativity, making it difficult to find the inspiration at the end of the day. So, he began writing Story Sparks to make bedtime storytelling easy and fun.

As a child, Mark himself struggled with reading, and bedtime stories became a battle for Mark and his parents. It is his hope now that Story Sparks will help children fall in love with stories and take away some of the pressures that children can face around that storytelling time, due to varying reading abilities. This time before bed is a such a precious moment between a caregiver and a child. Story Sparks takes it to a new level, making it collaborative and allowing both adult and child to share in each other’s creativity.

Before becoming an author, Mark worked as an accountant, a profession he found to be lacking creativity. Initially, the idea of using his imagination to create bedtime stories felt daunting. However, as he created Story Sparks, the process became effortless, and helped Mark rediscover the creativity within him. It also helped him to uncover just how creative his own child could be!

Today, bedtime stories are a treasured part of his family's routine.

Published by Wilkinson Publishing

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Luke Foster
My son's new favourite book.

A truly special book. My son and I love reading before bed and we’ve tried making up stories before. But this book seems to bring us closer together and collaborate more than we have done. Definitely looking forward to opening up this book again tomorrow night!

Tristan Lockfield
Fantastic book!! Great quality

I’ve never seen anything like this book. It’s such a good idea. My kids are loving my stories and already getting involved with some funny contributions. The quality of the book is spectacular as well. I highly recommend it to everyone